Dedicated to natural stones and marbles only. We exploit and transform the products of our quarries in Europe

  • Our group

    • As a company specializing in the responsible extraction of marbles and stones in Europe, we manage 20 quarries, emphasizing rare natural materials.
    • Beyond their beauty and history, these resources make a positive contribution to the environment. Our ecological approach, combined with the scarcity of materials, underscores our commitment to sustainability.
    • By extracting and shaping these treasures responsibly, we reduce our carbon footprint, contributing to the construction of architecturally respectful heritage in harmony with the planet.
    • Rarity, sustainability, and positive environmental impact are at the core of our mission.


  • Expertises

    • The excellence in working with marble and stone in contemporary architecture blends expertise with advanced techniques, such as the use of CNC machines. 
    • Digital modeling and sophisticated finishes converge to create robust and aesthetically refined structures, showcasing a skillful fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.


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    In collaboration with architects, decorators and artists :


    we operate around the world to provide projects of any


    scale with strong technical expertise.



  • Mineral Collection

    Explore our extensive range of natural materials to discover those that align perfectly with your creative and aesthetic inspirations. Our diverse collection provides refined choices tailored to your specific design needs.